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1.We must be getting close to a provincial election. There is
talk of restoring passenger rail service in Northeastern Ontario again.


2. Ottawa waits for rail business plan - By Brian Kelly, Sault Star, February 3, 2018

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NDP, PCs would bring back the Northlander!

Postmedia Network The Northlander.

Northern and Eastern Ontario Rail Network

Daily update ⋅ February 3, 2018


NDP, PCs would bring back Northerlander

The Sudbury Star

The Northern and Eastern Ontario Rail Network has
been working for some time now to bring the issue
of rail passenger service for the North to the attention
of Queen's Park and Parliament Hill. A grassroots
organization –    NEORN In Northern Ontario ...

Bear Train Petition at Civic Centre & Latest Media Coverage

Bear Train Petition at Civic Centre


Please sign the new Bear Train petition to Minister Marc Garneau.

It is available:

  • in the lobby of the Sault Ste. Marie Civic Centre (see photo)

  • at Shabby Motley 356 Queen St. East

  • at the Model Railroad Club at the Wellington Square Mall.

Please encourage your contacts to sign as well.

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New Location Added to Buy Capt’s Calendars and Recent Media

Front of 2018 Calendar

Note: The New Location.

The 2018 CAPT calendars with the theme of “Children and the Train…for generations to come” can be purchased for $13 each.

Our CAPT calendars are now available at:

  • Heyden Fuels and The Twisted Sister Restaurant located at the corner of Hwy. 556 (to Searchmont) and Hwy. 17 north.

They Continue to be sold at the following Locations:

  • Shabby Motley (356 Queen)

  • Algoma University Bookstore

  • Model Railroad Club in Wellington Square Mall

  • If you are out of the Sault area, you can order them from us by email, send a cheque and we will mail them to you.

  • e-mail: Linda.Savory- Gordon

All proceeds go to support the work of CAPT.

Recent Media    Dec. 30, 2017  “Groups keeping pressure on government for rail service: Now four advocacy groups working on returning passenger rail service to northeastern Ontario “

NEORN Media Release and Latest Media Coverage

1 NEORN Media Release





December 19, 2017
Contacts: Lucille Frith –
Howie Wilcox –


Now 4 advocacy groups working on returning passenger rail service to Northeastern Ontario - a louder voice!!!

The Northeastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN) is delighted that the government has announced that bus service will be improved in Northern Ontario. However, reinstatement of passenger rail should also be a priority. An integrated transportation system means a truly multimodal strategy, where travel by road, rail, and air all have their role. What we have in the north is almost entirely dependent on road travel, specifically through car ownership.

The voice for rail renewal in northern Ontario has become much louder, as there are now four groups advocating for reinstatement of passenger rail transportation in the region. These groups are the Northeastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN), the Committee Promoting Muskoka Rail Travel (CPMRT), the Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT), and All Aboard Northern Ontario.

All these advocacy groups are working towards the same goal: the establishment of a modern rail transportation system that is a truly innovative Northeastern Ontario initiative, that utilizes existing rail infrastructure to move people. In order to encourage professionals, students, and tourists to come and stay in our Northern Ontario communities, we have to upscale our transportation. Our reliance solely on road travel, when all other jurisdictions are moving toward fast passenger train service, is seriously impeding our economic development and prosperity, to the point that our towns and cities are at risk of dramatic population decline and becoming ghost towns. The municipalities, businesses, students, and so many others that we have talked with want an integrated and accessible passenger rail service that provides transportation in addition to the retention and expansion of business opportunities in Northeastern Ontario that promote sustainability in the long-term.

Three political parties, the New Democratic Party (NDP), the Progressive Conservatives (PC), and the Northern Ontario Party (NOP) have endorsed the need for passenger rail service in their policy statements going forward into the next election. The municipalities along the Toronto - Cochrane - Hearst rail line as well as the municipalities along the Sault Ste Marie - Hearst rail line have signed resolutions endorsing the return of passenger rail for the benefit of their communities. There is an election in the spring – get on board. Support the return of passenger rail service in Northeastern Ontario.

For further information on this initiative, please contact NEORN Spokespeople:

Lucille Frith at or Howie Wilcox

Here are the weblinks for each of the advocacy groups:

Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT)            

Committee Promoting Muskoka Rail Travel (CPMRT  

North-Eastern Ontario Rail Network (NEORN             

All Aboard Northern Ontario                                     

2.Latest Media Coverage:

Sault Star “CP Holiday Train brings joy” – by  Nadine Robinson, December 12, 2017

Latest Media Coverage

Latest Media Coverage

Train tracks in snow with trees

Algoma : la Première Nation de Missanabie pourrait gérer son train |

Train de passagers dans le Nord de l’Ontario : les partis d’opposition en feront un enjeu électoral  le jeudi 9 novembre 2017

NDP vows to bring back Northlander | North Bay Nugget nov 11

Train Woes Jeopardizes Political Careers in the Sault and Algoma  Doug Millroy Nov 11, 2017 Northern Hoot

Teamsters issue Statement on failure of OmniTRAX to rebuild the Hudson Bay –  Railway Nov 7, 2017

Bear Train Interview CBC Radio; Terry Sheehan Seniors Strategy Consultation; interesting article

  1. Bear Train Interview on CBC Radio:

This interview on CBC radio provides an excellent update on progress being made on efforts to get the Bear Train up and running:

CBC Morning North October 30, 2017 Missanabie Cree FN wants to restore Algoma's passenger train service “Funding for Algoma's passenger rail service was cut off three years ago. Now, Missanabie Cree First Nation is leading the way to bring it back. We heard more from Riley Smith who's assisting the First Nation.”

  1. Image of Terry SheehanMP Terry Sheehan Seniors Strategy Consultation:

We encourage CAPT supporters to attend a consultation organized by Terry Sheehan on Friday, Nov. 3 from 1:30 to 3:30 at the Seniors Drop-In Centre at 619 Bay St. in the Main Hall, to express the need for good passenger train service to be included in any National Seniors Strategy. Seniors, professionals, caregivers, and members of the public, are welcome to participate.

Sootoday  Oct 30, 2017  “Terry wants to hear from you on our National Senior Strategy, Seniors, professionals, caregivers, and members of the public, are welcome to participate”

  1. Here is a very interesting article that looks at the prediction that fewer people will be owning cars in the future.  Northern Ontario towns and cities will turn into ghost towns if they don’t have passenger train service connecting them to Southern Ontario where they do.

“Owning a car will soon be a thing of the past” | John Harris Monday 23 October 2017